What is LECA and Why Do Plants Love It

leca on a brown table

Lightweight expanded clay aggregate, or LECA, is an alternative to traditional soil for growing your plants. You may be wondering, “What’s wrong with soil, it always works fine for me?” Well, that makes sense, but there are actually some wonderful benefits of using LECA instead.  This article covers: Let’s begin! Read More >> How To … Read more

Growing A Healthy Manjula Pothos

manjula pothos on the table

Manjula Pothos is a lovely and wonderful cultivar with large attractive leaves and appealing variegation. Plus, they are not very difficult to care for which means you can have these exciting plants around your home without stressing about keeping them healthy, lively, and green. However, you still need to know how to care for it … Read more

10 Growing Tips For Philodendron Bipennifolium (Horsehead Philodendron)

philodendron bipennifolium shiny leaves

Philodendron Bipennifolium, also known as Horsehead Philodendron or even Fiddleleaf Philodendron, is a unique house plant and a climber that is lovely in hanging brackets or pots. However, it does need the right amount of water and optimal sunlight to grow into a wonderful, attractive addition to your home.  This article covers: What a Philodendron … Read more

6 Effective Ways To Save An Overwatered Pothos

potted pothos plant on a table

Are you dealing with overwatered pothos? Overwatering Pothos plants is not only very common but can also cause a plethora of problems for your lovely house plant. Too much moisture around the root systems, throughout the soil, and into the stems and leaves can cause root rot, discoloration, mold, shriveling, and more.  This article covers: … Read more