How To Plant And Care For White Wax Flower

Wax flowers are wonderful because they bloom during the Winter when we need cheering up the most. The white options are elegant and easy to add to bouquets of various colors and when grown properly will be bright and last throughout most of the Spring. They are also an extremely popular choice for wedding arrangements and other cut flower options. 

While they are easy to grow and maintain, this article covers:

  • What white wax flowers are and why they are a good choice
  • How to take care of them 
  • How to grow them in a garden or in a pot 

Let’s jump right in!

What are White Wax Flowers?

a step if white max flowers in a garden

Wax flowers are woody evergreen shrubs and the white wax flower variety, Chamelaucium uncinatum, is a very popular flower for filling out bouquets and arrangements.

The variety of flower is native to Western Australia but can grow easily in most other temperate climates or indoors worldwide.

It offers small flowers with small leaves that look like pine needles on thin stems.

They last a while in a vase, up to 10 days, so they are great for keeping the flower collection bright and full for longer. They are also perfect for bridal bouquets and corsages. 

The delicate petals offer a waxy feel, which is exactly where the name comes from.

The flowers also emit a lemony aroma that make them wonderful for use in gardens, courtyards, and as temporary houseplants as well.

They are not difficult to grow and maintain and can fit any home’s aesthetic and atmosphere. Plus, they can attract bees, butterflies, and more to your lovely garden or courtyard. 

To learn more about wax flowers in general, the different colors available, and their popularity usage in gardens, check out this video:

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How to Care for White Wax Flower

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Knowing how to take care of your white wax flower plants is important if you want them to bloom beautifully and stay vibrant and healthy for years to come.

Like any other plants, they will work best with certain amounts of water, the right type of soil, and optimal growing conditions.

Let’s look at these factors and more so that you can ensure a healthy and thriving environment for your white wax flowers. 


Whether you are growing your white wax flower in a garden or in a pot, you want soil that will not retain too much water. This means that you want it to be a type of soil that allows for proper drainage. 

While the wax flower variety is very formidable and tolerant, it will do best in sandy loam soils.

It is also a good idea to top the soil with organic mulch before planting, especially for exterior conditions for proper growth.

If you live in a rainy area or climate, then well-draining soil is even more critical because white wax flowers cannot survive excessive, puddled water for long. 


While the white wax flower generally prefers dry climates, it can do well during most seasons and thrives during Winter as long as it has proper sunlight.

They do best in full sun and should not be forced into partial sunlight for a prolonged period. 

While they will grow and bloom in full sun, they can tolerate partial shade to a certain extent. Being in the shade will, however, make them grow slower and bloom less. 

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Temperature and Humidity 

White wax flowers are quite tolerant of both warm and cool weather and can tolerate certain amounts of harsher weather as well. In fact, they may live through below-freezing temperatures for a short period.

They also prefer low humidity and dryer climates, so they are not a preferred option for use in wet climates and regions. 


They are susceptible to excessive water, but white wax flowers are generally good and healthy as long as there is no standing water, puddles, or drenched root systems.

When they are very young, they require more water, and regularly watering young white wax flowers is a suggested idea. After that, precipitation is usually sufficient, but if the soil gets nearly completely dry due to drought, then you can water occasionally. 

General Care

There are some other things to keep in mind when caring for white wax flowers. As far as fertilizer goes, you want to use a slow-release fertilizer when you first plant the flowers. Then, use a similar fertilizer annually during the Spring.

However, definitely avoid fertilizers high in phosphorus, which can do more damage than good for the plant. 

You will want to lightly prune white wax flowers after they bloom in order to keep them healthy. You can cut back the stems by a third to encourage new growth during the next flowering season as well. This causes air to circulate more efficiently through the branches. 

 How to Plant and Grow White Wax Flower

a bunch of white wax flower in an outdoor garden

If you are wanting to grow your own white wax flower, then you have to know how to do so. There are two options for growing an outdoor plant like this.

The first is to grow it in a garden, or at least directly into the ground.

The second option is to grow it in a pot.

We cover both of these choices here and how you can pursue them for a healthily growing white wax flower. 

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In a Garden

If you want to plant white wax flowers in a garden, then it is best to start with seedlings. Since wax flowers are pretty popular, it may not be too difficult to find starter plants or seedlings at your local nursery or hardware store. If not, they can probably order some during the best seasons. 

While wax flowers grow fast, they still may not bloom for a couple of years if you plant them from seed.

Because of this a lot of people do prefer to buy young plants to use instead, which is what our directions will primarily be concerned with. However, for a seed, you follow the same routine but with a shallower hole. 

The first thing to do is to locate a spot in your garden that is prime real estate for a white wax flower to thrive.

Find an area that gets less than partial shade. It is always best to find a location that gets mostly full sun, but temporary partial shade during the day or year is okay. 

The second thing you will need to do is to ensure that the soil has great drainage.

If it holds water too long, then the white wax flower will not do well at all. If it doesn’t drain well due to unchangeable factors, then you will want to replace your soil with a better option for this type of plant.

You can also mix some sand into the existing soil in some cases. Then, dig a planting hole twice as wide and equally as deep as the root ball. 

Remove the sapling from the container if you choose a starter plant.

Be gentle so that you do not disturb the roots because wax flowers are pretty sensitive to damage outside of the ground.

Lay the plant carefully into the hole and firmly pat the soil back in place around it. 

After planting you want to water well so that all the soil around the root system is moist and damp, but not soaked.  Then layer mulch around the area, but avoid applying mulch right next to the plant base.

In a Pot

If you are planning on planting a white wax flower in a pot, then it is critical that you use the best measures to keep it healthy and allow it to grow to its full potential.

Be sure to select a pot that is the right size. Too big or too small can both be detrimental to overall health and luscious growth.

Choose a pot about twice the size of your plant’s root ball and make sure that you select one that has drainage holes. This is essential because too much water can kill your white wax flower. 

Use a free-draining potting mix and fill the pot. You will want to position the plant within the pot and fill the rest of the way with the potting mix.

During this process, you will also need to gently press the soil firmly around the plant. Be careful around the root system because it is susceptible to damage. 

Next, you need to water the plant well, making sure that the excess water drains out the bottom.

Note: Stop watering as soon as you notice the water draining through the bottom holes of the pot because that is an indicator that the soil is substantially moist, but not too much so. 

Now, wait for the beautiful growth of the plant and be sure to care for it with the right amount of sunlight, water, and general care outlined earlier in this article. 

Final Thoughts on White Wax Flower

white wax flowers in a pot

White wax flowers are a great option for gardens, arrangements, bouquets, and more. Plus, it isn’t very hard to take care of! You just need to make sure you know how to plant it and take care of it properly and it is guaranteed to be lovely and attractive when it blooms.

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